Enjoy longer pumps, more stamina with Pure Muscle Gain

Pure Muscle Gain promises substantial nitric oxide help for the body but how  much truth is there to the whole no for muscles promise? Let’s find out if this supplement is as functional and healthy as it claims to be with our experts:

What do you get with pure muscle gain?

This nitric oxide formula is a sport nutrition supplement that can be used men as well as women who like to work out and want to see stronger, leaner results.

The core idea of the formula is to raise nitric oxide in the body through numerous natural sources so it can be used for boosting muscle growth as well as perseverance so the body can work out and gain stronger muscles as a result of the new nutrition and exercise change.

Lot of men complain about not having enough muscle mass because their diet is either focused on boosting protein that usually doesn’t get absorbed in the body or the diet is designed to make them lose fat percentage in which case, there is no nutrition for the muscle cells. This supplement promises to be all the help and nutrition that your muscle cells need to grow.

According to the supplement, with its regular dosage you get better energy, stronger body, long lasting pumps along with a well toned body.

Pure Muscle Gain Ingredients

  1. Dextrose
  2. Beetroot
  3. Agmatine sulfate
  4. Citrulline malate
  5. Caffeine

How do these ingredients function to make the body toned and muscular?

Pure Muscle Gain aids the body through its’ action on muscle cells whose recovery it boosts with its ability for vasodilatation.

Nitric oxide has been recently known for its muscular benefits but a lot of people don’t exactly understand the equation which is also very basic. There is no complex chemistry, just simple pathways and mechanisms of biology that allow the no to enhance natural stamina.

No intake helps in vasodilatation which further enables a speedier supply of oxygen and blood to the muscle cells which take the nutrition and grow stronger. Furthermore, it helps in removal of the waste products that physical activity triggers in the body so the body can work out for longer. It’s waste product removal action also develops the longevity of the muscle pumps.


Beetroot supplies nitrates to the body which further get turned into nitrites that eventually spike vasodilatation within body through their no action.


Dextrose is really just glucose that aids in post workout recovery by enabling higher insulin in body and also works to replace the glycogen that workout makes the muscle cells lose because of physical activity.


Caffeine boosts natural levels of metabolism and also controls excessive exhaustion and enhances natural ability to work out and operate for longer with its energy spikes.

Agmatine sulfate

Great for bodybuilders’ regular diet, Agmatine sulfate works very much like no but only better by making the body get higher stamina.


  1. Pure Muscle Gain is all natural and has zero chemical compounds
  2. There is 100% satisfaction guaranteed by the company and you can return the trial bottle within 14 days if you are not happy with results
  3. Manufactured in USA
  4. Zero side effects and 100% healthy
  5. Great for long term intake and can also be used in the short term
  6. Great for men as well as women
  7. Develops overall stamina


You will need to make an online order to get your package. Also, the auto shipment plan is a major turnoff since many would probably just want a single month bottle or use a longer trial.

What are the users saying about this formula? Are there side effects?

No complaints were found by our team however, we got in touch with the users whose testimonials were cited at the official website. All three men claimed that they had received recommendations for Pure Muscle Gain from their friends and would continue to use it in future.

We spoke with another user who had shared his experience on a forum and we got to know that this use was a little apprehensive because of the cost but once he started using it, he was sure about it. He further added that he would to recommended it because it is cost effective compared to other protein and no boosters and works pretty fast.

Based on the results Pure Muscle Gain seems to be the perfect solution for every muscular issue as it is a great way of enhancing overall energy.  Our correspondence with users confirmed that there are zero side effects and that the formula works well on different bodies.

Is it recommended?

You can choose to purchase a trial for initial 14 days which will only cost you the shipping charge of $3.95 USD however, you will be charged $36.95 USD on the 15th day if you don’t cancel your plan.

So, Pure Muscle Gain is budget friendly if you have been using other no products in the past but if this is your first then you may find the cost irksome and a bit high.

However, with zero complaints against the manufacturer and high ingredient quality and apt quantity, we would sure like to recommend using it.